• The SILK2 Curl System
  • EM Extra Moisturizing Curl Activator
  • Finishing Mist Curl Moisturizer
  • Finishing Lotion Curl Activator

The SILK2 Curl System

The SILK2 "Curl System" is a collection of the most innovative formulas seen in the curl industry. With 30 years of unrivaled performance there is no better way to maintain a light & bouncy feel while minimizing mess and optimizing longevity. We’ve gone into extraordinary formulaic detail to create not only the most enriching products for curl, but also a long lasting experience of hair that moves with confidence. There is a reason SILK2 makes hair feel awesome.

SILK2 "EM" Extra moisturizing activator

Amazing body and shine are the first noticable characteristics of a curl fashioned with the SILK2 "EM" formula. Deep penetrating moisturizers are the catalysts for longer lasting styles. A lotion-esque consistency activates curls for superior definition. With an advanced "no-drip" formula, the moisturizing and activating capabilities of the SILK2 "EM" promote everything you love about your curl in one bottle.

SILK2 Finishing Mist & Finishing Lotion

Options are at times, desirable for the active curl wearer. The "Finishing Mist" & "Finishing Lotion" are paired to give the same unrivaled moisture and activation as the "EM", while leaving the perfect balance up to you. The "Finishing Mist" is a light moisturizer formulated for longevity. The "Finishing Lotion" is a light activator with the blueprint for superior definition and vibrant curls.